Ho Chi Min City

Lady entering a Cu Chi Tunnel used by Vietcongs during the war

Cu Chi tunnel network underground was created during the American War.  It is about 30 km from Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) and has more than 250 km of tunnels.

The tunnels in some areas go down several storeys to include kitchens, warehouse, weapon factories abd field hospitals. There are traps everywhere.

This place is a must visit if ever you come to Ho Chi Min City.


Notre Dame Cathedral built between 1877 and 1883

This was built by the French and has statute of the Virgin Mary in front.

Cao Dai Great Temple in Tay Ninh

Cao Daism is an indigenous religion founded in 1926. It is a fusion of elements of Buddism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam and native Vietnamese spiritualism. It believes in the existence of the soul and one God. Mediums are used to communicate with the spiritual world. Prayers are conducted 4 times a day. The Temple is built over 9 levels representing the 9 steps to heaven.

Interior of the Temple

Scooters and motorcycles waiting at stop lights

Ho Chi Min City is packed with scooters and motor cycles that it is a culture shock for visitors who cannot fathom how to cross the road.

Selling seafood in Ben Tanh Market

Ben Tanh Market is both a wet and dry market where seafood, vegetables, fruits and meat are being sold at the rear. Next is the prepared food. Must try the steamed rice roll made fresh on the spot over a piece of cotton cloth. Immediately some vegetables are placed on and rolled. The taste is very good.

Moving towards the main entrance shops sell souvenirs, apparals and accesories.

Opposite the market is a bus terminal. From here you can catch a bus to Binh Tay Market in Cholon which is the Chinatown. While Ben Tanh has many tourists, Binh Tay is largely for locals. Bus fare is a flat rate of 30 Singapore cents. Taxi fare is US$ 8.













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