Kota Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is a 4,100 metre granite peak and it takes 2 days to climb 8.7 km to the peak. Prior arrangement is required to book a bed at a camp some 3,350 metres and a guide.

Mount Kinabalu surrounded by clouds

Poring Hot Springs are located south east of the mountain and have shared open baths of sulphurous water. Do not expect a spa or you will be disappointed. The only exciting item here is the tree top walk where 5 trees are connected by suspended walkways 40 metres above ground. The plank is narrow and when two persons walk on it the entire bridge swings out of sync. It costs RM 35 per camera in addition to an entrance fee.

In Kota Kinabalu, the waterfront market is the main area of activities. At Filipino market you can buy both local and Filipino ethnic crafts. In the evening it becomes a vegetable market on one side and bbq seafood market on the other.

Sorting fish after auction


If you decide to visit Kota Kinabalu, choose to stay in a hotel in town. Do not opt for Borneo One that is a big complex with a huge mall far away from the town. Transport is a problem. Traffc jams at peak hours are a nightmare. I was caught in a jam during the evening peak hours for 2 hours. Although there is free shuttle, it is not reliable. Public transport may seem disorganised but practical.

There are no fixed bus stops. You just stand by the road opposite Borneo One and wave the relevant bus to stop. Get on board, the fare is RM 1. The bus will bring you to a bus terminal outside town. You have to change to a bus that only travels within the town. Other buses are not allowed to enter town.


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