Giant Panda

Cute Giant Panda

Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding has a veterinary laboratory and panda enclosures to breed Panda. Besides the familiar white and black panda, there are small red pandas similar to racoons.  It is 10 km north of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan.

playful panda on a tree

In Chinese a panda is called da xiongmao (big bear-cat). According to Chinese literature they are around for about 3,000 years or more. Originally they are meat eaters but had evolved into bamboo eaters. Bamboo lacks protein with much indigestible fibres, it does not provide enough nutrition to support metabolism. Evolution teaches these gentle giants to conserve energy by being laid back avoiding much activities. In winter it does not hibernates but continues to eat enormous amount of bamboo.

panda eating bamboo

sun bathing

baby panda climbing tree

 Baby pandas are playful.

baby panda having breakfeast

peeping through leaves is a red panda

looking forward to a bamboo breakfeast

 Red pandas are smaller and more vigorous than giant pandas. They are active and tend to fight with each other resulting in some losing their tails.



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