Longevity village

Pengshan village outside Chengdu has the distinction of being a longevity village. Most houses bear a round circle with an elder exercising logo to signify that a member of the household lives beyond 100 years old.

Story goes that an Official Peng was asked by the Emperor to investigate the location regarding longevity. On his return he claimed the place lacked sufficient water. He did so to spite the Emperor whom he disliked. On hearing this the Emperor became furious and sentenced Peng to live there.

Peng believed that longevity could be sustained by a longevity pill and started a series of experimentations. He trained the villagers to exercise and have proper diets. These resulted in many villagers attaining long life.

Like some great inventions the experiments ironically resulted in the invention of gun powder instead.

This story was related by our Tour Guide Cycy who graduated with a History degree and had the previous year was certified as a Tour Guide. Apparently 8,000 took the test and only 2,000 passed. Out of which 50% was certified to practise. Cycy succeeded first time.

a tired Cycy who had insufficient sleep the night before due to noisy dormitory

Cycy is a bright, petite and beautiful 23 with large alert eyes like Tibetan girls. Unfortunately my photo shows the effect of tiredness notwithstanding that, she had performed very well under the circumstances.



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