JiuZhaiGou Nature Reserve

Jiu Zhai Gou Nature Reserve is 450 km north of Chengdu and was discovered by timbermen in 1970s. It was added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. It has pristine scenery and lakes. Jiuzhaigou means 9 Baima Tibetan villages. Today only 1,000 Tibetans from 130 families live within the reserve.

Legend has it that an evil Devil caused Goddess Wunosemo to dropped her mirror on the ground creating 118 lakes. This mirror was a present from her lover God Dage.

Mountain peaks surrounded by clouds

Five Flowers Lake

crystal clear water with reflections in 5 Flowers Lake

fallen trees in lake with new plants growing on portions above water level. Nature invented hydroponics, man gives the process a name

clear water with lush greenery

Wild ducks in nest

our Tibetan Tour Guide Ah Mei

water rushing down a plateau towards its edge to form pearl shoal waterfall

Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Tibetan staff in ethnic fashions

Long Lake at 3,300 meters above sea level

Boardwalk from Long Lake to 5 Colored Pond

5 Colored Pond obtained its water from underground springs and it never freezes in winter

Shuzheng Waterfall

Shuzeng Waterfall in background


Shuzheng Mill

Tibetan residence

a string of Tibetan pagodas

Visitors crossing a lake

Water running over a plateau to feed a waterfall


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