Wide and Narrow Lane

Wide and Narrow Lane in Chengdu is the site where Qing Army were stationed after taking over the city. Before Qing troops arrived in Chengdu, its citizens burnt down the entire city for 3 days and nights. Deprived of dwellings, Qing transported citizens in Guangzhou and Fujian to Chengdu and started a massive rebuilding. Chengdu city was founded in 316 BC and had remain on the same site since. Its cuisine and tea drinking custom were a 1,300 years tradition.

Unfortunately the Qing army quarters and offices were neglected over the years and many of the buildings were in ruins. Kuomintang subsequently took over the city and commenced repairs. Today the buildings are conserved and rented out to upmarket eateries and shops. Street culture have livened up the place.

street scence

roadside cafe

Original door arch

Professional Ear Cleaner at work

rabbit head speciality

thunder drum ball is a flour ball thrown against a tray behind which is a drum emitting a loud drum beat each time a ball strikes, it rolls down the tray and is coated with flavourings

men disguised as bronze statues

roadside stall selling souvenirs



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