Happy Buddha in background is Bell Tower of Tianjin

Fly by Scoot to Tianjin and from there take a High Speed Train to Beijing. Train takes half an hour to reach Beijingnan Station. Here take the metro to Tiananmen or Wangfujing.  For a subway map of Beijing please see my blog on Beijing.

Map of Tianjin City

Although the map is in mandarin (can’t find one in English), I shall provide the relevant places worth visiting. All street signs are bilingual, this is helpful. An additional compass will ease your direction.

The main train station at the curve of Hai River should be a landmark and where you can catch a train to Beijing for RMB 55 one way. At all train stations be prepared to put your bags through the X-ray machine and go through a metal detector.

On the map you will see 2 streets in a lopsided pink color T. Those streets are pedestrian shopping streets where you can buy most things. As the streets are pretty long, golf carts are provided for ferrying shoppers @ 3 RMB a flat rate. Binjiang Ave is the main shopping street and is linked to Heping Lu which is another pedestrian street.

Two huge shopping malls (Robbinz and Youyi New World Plaza) are located on Binjiang Ave. If you think have been large malls try these for size, they will wear you out.  Liaoning Street at Binjiang Ave has snack stalls on both sides. Recommend you try lamp or chicken on skewers @ 2 RMB each.

For Antiques enthusiasts visit 121 stalls starting at the junction of Jinzhou and Shantong Lu to Hami Ave.

Isetan is located 100 meters from the junction of Binjiang Ave and Nanjing Lu, here you can find good eats and items.

Ferrying carts at Binjiang Ave


For the more adventurous you can get Bell Tower or South City Food Street by walking to the end of Heping Street. At the end you will find Parkson Mall and Walmart. Cross the main street and continue walking on Heping Street until you reach Lotte Mall, turn to the left and walk another 1.2 km. You will come across a X-junction where if you go right you will find Bell Tower. If you turn left and you will find South City Food Street at Shenyi Dajie. It is in a building and is fully airconditioned.





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