Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan, China


Yulong Snow Mountain

These towns are in the northern part of Yunnan and were occupied by Bai and Naxi tribes in the past. They retain ancient architecture of buildings and cultural practices. IMG_0954.JPG IMG_0950.JPG IMG_0953.JPG Photos above depict girls in Bai traditional dresses and are performing cultural dances. Er Hai by Dali which was the capital of Bai kingdom in the past. IMG_0952.JPG IMG_0948.JPG IMG_0865.JPG IMG_0862.JPG IMG_0866.JPG IMG_0863.JPG Above photos show what Lijiang ancient town looks like. It was constructed on uneven terrain with many inclines and staircases. The roads consist of cobbled stones or granite slabs that are not level, which make walking difficult This is a classic Chinese garden  scenery. IMG_0874-0.JPG   IMG_0870   SONY DSC Grandmothers dancing and singing to visitors to Jade Water village.

Yulong Snow Mountain

Yulong Snow Mountain



Waterfall over a series of steps

DSCN0137   Impression Lijiang is performed by Naxi tribe in the afternoon. DSCN0138


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